For many years my love of automotive art has been evident to all who know me.

This passion for automotive art has placed me on a quest to experience the wide variety of artistic work that has been produced by the most incredibly creative and underrepresented artist in the modern era. To prove this just take a stroll through any of the worlds famous cities art gallery rows and you will realize that one type of art is mysteriously missing? Automotive art. Why is it that the countries with some of the most sensual/artistic automotive creations have little or no representation of the artwork of those that created these rolling masterpieces.

Well enter the Gallery of Speed Fine Art... Created to represent these fantastic artist with a place to exhibit there creations and connect with those that truly appreciate their abilities.

I picked the city of Laguna Beach, CA as it truly represents an enclave of the arts in the Southern California area that is known to be a Mecca for those that enjoy year round great driving weather and a history directly connected to the automotive arts.