Dean Kirkland

Dean Kirkland has quickly become a highly accomplished commercial photographer  and television and film director by combining his keen visual eye to unusual and powerful subject matter. His unique style and sophisticated approach have allowed him to transition from a-list photographer to well-respected filmmaker with an esteemed client list that includes the Home Depot, Lamborghini, Clint Eastwood and Martin Sheen.
Dean is recognized for his innovative and unique style of automotive photography and is regarded by many high-profile collectors throughout the nation.
In early 2016 Dean started experimenting with aerial photography of beaches and landscapes.  His images quickly became a hit with the locals and tourists of Laguna Beach.  His prints are now available through the Steve Adam Art Gallery in Laguna Beach. The ability to continue capturing and preserving the Southern California landscapes in his unique style and aesthetic vision is the goal for  Dean Kirkland.


Chris Dunlop

Chris Dunlop is an automotive design and render artist based out of Southern California. He started out  as an automotive painter that specialized in custom paint and high end restoration work on Classics & Exotics in Rockville, Maryland. Soon after he was doing his artwork nearly full time, he was dubbed "Pinstripe Chris". After several years of mixing full time artwork with painting cars full time, Chris and his wife Caitlin opened up their own paint & body shop where they specialized in classic and exotic cars. During their time in the shop many of the most well known Sharpie Cars Chris has done we're completed there including the Sharpie Mustang and Sharpie Camaro. Chris' passion lies in custom cars, hot rods, and exotics- there's always a variety of artwork in the works to keep things fresh and is never limited to one genre. He also offers design consulting and quick renders to test out build ideas, paint schemes and modifications efficiently. From there, quick sketches & renders are used in the basis for the final artwork

Evan Klein

Evan Kline is a Los Angeles based Photographer and Filmmaker.I love cars, thats why I shoot. I’ve worked in all forms of media, Movies, TV shows, Commercials and Print. From working with Betty Davis to Photographing Bruce Willis, to working on commercials for Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda on locations from China ,Portugal, Brasil, Japan, Germany, Prauge, London, Canada to even Detroit. No job is too big or small. I love what I do and enjoy the creative process from conception to delivery, got an idea? Just ask.When I’m not shooting you’ll probably find me with my head under the hood of my Alfa Romeo.The images on my site are just a few of my favorites, if you would like them as Posters or for Syndication send me an email with your request.

Radu Muntean

Born in Cluj, Romania in 1970, Radu Muntean exhibited a strong artistic ability as a young boy, always drawing and painting with a particular interest in cars and motor sports. Although his parents would have much preferred him to pursue a more “conventional” education, they allowed him to follow his passion by enrolling him at “Liceul de Arta Plastica” while racing karts at “Clubul Pionierilor.” A few years before the end of the “Ceausescu era” his family emigrated to the United States and settled in California. Radu continued his art education at Art Institute Of Southern California in Laguna Beach and soon discovered that his automotive interest was too strong to ignore.Over the next four years Radu studied automotive design at Art Center as well as abroad in Vevey, Switzerland. Upon graduation, he moved to Detroit, Michigan where he designed cars for Ford Motor Co. In 2000 he accepted a position with General Motors Advanced studio and moved back to California, where he now lives and works out of his Hollywood Hills studio.

Jeff Zwart

Jeff Zwart is an American commercial film director, racer, photographer, cameraman and author. He is best known for shooting commercial campaigns in collaboration with Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, General Motors, Hyundai, Ford and more. Zwart is known for his camera philosophy of “full immersion” perspective, an expertise consulted by “Rush” director Ron Howard. He works globally and has shot in over 30 countries throughout his career working on a range of international advertising campaigns and TV series work. On September 20, 2013, working with San Francisco-based advertising agency twofifteenmccan, Zwart revealed the world’s fastest Zoetrope in the form of a two-minute film entitled “Forza/Filmspeed.” The film uses high resolution still images from the Xbox game Forza Motorsport 5 which were printed onto panels and staged at key intervals around a race track to recreate the illusion of movement known as the persistence of vision.In addition to his work as a director, Zwart has published three books in collaboration with David Bull Publishing, he is a highly sought-after speaker and panel lecturer, and a monthly contributor to the Porsche Club of America’s “Panorama” magazine, and others.

Steve Foster

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John Straub

My experience with photography began early. As a preteen I would sit in my fathers' dark room and observe the images magically appear on the white paper, smelling the pungent odor of the chemicals as the photo paper was dipped from bath to bath, under the glow of a red light. I watched, learned, and practiced as he taught me about the techniques of modifying black-and-white photos to change their outcome. With my father's encouragement a 35mm camera with a long lens would come into my life. My parents would drive me to the beach to take surfing photos along the Southern California coast where I grew up. By my mid-teens I become consumed  with cars, and started taking photos at regional sports car races. This led to entering and winning numerous photo contests early on with "black and white" photography, and later by the early 80s with "color" photography having images published as magazine covers.Now, my film cameras only collect dust and enjoy the use of digital.
As a current member of the "Motor Press Guild," "San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild," and the "San Diego Art Institute," I have the opportunity to use my camera constantly to improve my craft, whether "B/W" or "Color."
As an artist I find something magical about storytelling with a camera and being an image maker, respecting the past but unafraid of innovation.  My images celebrate memories, rusted or old, shiney or new and will immerse you in their soul, color, texture, and design. They are unique interpretations of motoring emotion.

Rob Trinkle

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